Stainless Steel Bellows Force Sensor
  • Air ProStainless Steel Bellows Force Sensor
  • Air ProStainless Steel Bellows Force Sensor
  • Air ProStainless Steel Bellows Force Sensor

Stainless Steel Bellows Force Sensor

Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor can be divided into single and multiple layers.Under the condition of the same total thickness, the multi-layer bellows have less internal stress, can withstand higher pressure, and the durability is increased.Under the action of pressure or axial force, the bellows will be extended or shortened, because it is easy to deform in the axial direction, so the sensitivity is high.And stainless steel has the role of anti-corrosion and rust more durable

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor

Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor is one of pressure sensor refers to the use of bellows (Stainless steel bellows) as a pressure sensing element of the pressure gauge, which is a kind of elastic pressure gauge,When a bellows is used as a pressure sensing element, the open end of the bellows is connected to a fixed base from which pressure is transmitted to the bellows.Under pressure, the bellows expand or contract until the pressure equilibrates with the elastic force.At this time the free end of the tube will produce a certain displacement, through the transmission amplification mechanism, so that the pointer rotation display reading

2.Parameter (Specification) of Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor

Technical Parameter
Rated Load 10-500kg
Sensitivity 2.0000±0.002mV/V
Total Error ±0.1%F.S
Creep(30minutes) ±0.01%F.S
Recommended Excitation Voltage 5V~18V(AC or DC)
Maximum Excitation Voltage 24V(AC or DC)
Zero Balance ±1%F.S
Input Impedance 385±10Ω
Output Impedance 350±5Ω
Insulation Impedance ≥5000MΩ
Safe Overload 150%F.S
Ultimate Overload 200%F.S
Operating Temperature Range (-30~+70)℃
Compensated Temperature Range (-20~+60)℃
Temperature Effect On Load ±0.02%F.S/10℃
Temperature Effect On Zero ±0.02%F.S/10℃
Construction Stainless steel
Protection Class IP67&IP68
Citation GB/T7551-2008/OIML R60
Mode of Connection input+E: Input+ E:Red
output-S: Output- S:White
input-E: Input- E:Black
output+S: Output+ S:Green

3.Feature And Application of Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor

Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor is fully welded stainless steel sensors can be used in wet environments as well as in water flushing environments to maintain their characteristics.
Low section fully welded seal, high precision design makes it suitable for low table scale, packing scale, belt scale and other places where sealing sensors are needed.
For places with explosion-proof requirements, explosion-proof certification is optional.
Two feedback lines provide feedback for changes in the sensor voltage.It can completely compensate for the change of resistance value caused by the change of temperature or the change of sensor wire length by the feedback of voltage.

4.Product Details

This is the details of the Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor Rated Load is 10-500kg
Material is Stainless steel
Protection Class is IP67&IP68

5.Product Qualification

Our company has passed the ISO9001:2005 quality system, so the quality of Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor can be completely assured

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We have very high requirements for the packaging of the Stainless steel Bellows Force Sensor The inside is protected by foam, and the outside is packed with a carton, so as to prevent damage caused by collision and impact


1、If OEM is acceptable?

Yes of course.

2、What is your term of payment?

T/T, PayPal,L/C,Western Union

3、What is your MOQ?

There is no MOQ requirement for standard products,but custom type according to your different customization requirements, we will have different MOQ requirements.

4.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer.

5、How long is your delivery time?

According to your quantity and our production,Usually about 10 days for standard type and 30 days for customized type.

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